Help your parent-employees find time to focus.

Educate, engage, and entertain their kids with HELM Activity Sessions and Education Support Sessions.

A happy family means your parent-employees can be at ease, at work.

Improve productivity and morale
Retain parent-employees
Support an equitable and inclusive workplace for parents
Decrease absenteeism related to childcare

Virtual Activity Sessions

Give your parent-employees a break in the day, when they need it, with our Virtual Activity Sessions for kids ages 3-12.

Education Support Sessions

Homework and tough subjects are a huge source of stress for families. Relieve some of that stress for your parent-employees with HELM’s Homework Help and 1:1 tutoring sessions.

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Support at home pays off at work

Benefit plans that support families will help you retain parent-employees who are critical to company growth, create an inclusive workplace, and improve company culture & team morale.

All the research says so. Read more here: