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Green and brown icon celebrating the Anniversary of the ADA

Learn about Disability Pride Month!

Get together for an hour of learning about the origins of Disability Pride Month, the Anniversary of the ADA, the activists who fought to get legislation passed and how we can work together to build more inclusive work places!

Purple icon about latin american music

Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month!

Do a 3-part MicroLearning Challenge or put your music knowledge to the test as we learn about the history and origins of Reggaeton, Salsa, Tejano and Cumbia music, and the icons who made it famous.

DEI Community Membership

We're currently working to support all the ways that you're making change and bringing DEI Learning to your organiztion! Our programs are interactive, interesting and fun!

Fun, Collaborative Learning Experiences for Teams

HELM Life's programming is built in consultation with experts and offers the opportunity for learning, reflection and fun.
We make it easy to learn and grow as a team.

Here's why teams choose HELM Life Programming:

Hosted Events
HELM Life can host up to 200 participantsper event, divided into groups of 6-8. Each group is hosted by one of our trained facilitators, to support teams in their learning and to make sure that things run smoothly.
Easy to Organize
HELM Life Learning Events take 45-60 minutes to complete and fit within a 1-hour calendar block. They're led by our event emcees and are easy to plan, well-researched and fun to do - organizers simply need to get teams to their link, and we'll take over from there!
Donation Included
All HELM Life Learning Events include a donation to an organization working to address the systemic inequalities we'll be learning about.

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We work with amazing partners to co-create collaborative learning experiences based on their expertise:

Tana Turner
Tana Turner
Founder of Turner Consulting Group, Tana has over 30 years of experience in the DEI space and is an adjunct professor at York.
Dr. Robert Diaz
Dr. Robert Diaz
Associate Professor at the Women and Gender Studies Institute studying sexual minorities in Asia, particularly the Transpacific.
Sacha Thompson
Sacha Thompson
Founder of The Equity Equation with a career that spans 20 years in tech and non-profit spaces
Dr. R. Xach Williams
Dr. R. Xach Williams
Postdoctoral Research fellow and Ethnic Studies scholar at UCSD, and HELM Life's Head of DEI Learning.
Nyah Hernandez
Nyah Hernandez
Nyah's research focuses on Blackness, cultutre and identity in Latin America with a focus on the Dominican Republic and she is the Director of Charlie's Foundation.

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