Time for some team-fun-time!

Spend some out-of-work time together. Engaged teams are better teams.

Step 1: Pick something to do

Hallow'en? Holidays? Virtual Escape Room? Game Show? How will your team connect?

Mystery at the Cabin


A cozy cabin mystery up North! Fun at parties and a great way to celebrate the season while being holiday-agnostic.

Holidays Around the World

Celebrate Everyone!

This multi-holiday game gives a nod to many celebrations. It's our most popular game this year and is getting an average review of 9.4/10.

Gift-giving Debacle


You're rushing around a mall to get all of your gifts on time! A nod to Christmas and the holiday season with puzzles involving bells and ornaments.

Star Light Star Bright

A Nod to Many Holidays

While out for a winter-walk, you lose your way! With the stars to guide you, you learn about the story of light that binds us all this holiday season.

Breather at the Beach

Celebrate at the Beach!

After a crazy year it's time for some R and R at an amazing Beach Resort. But this is a trip like no other! Can you solve the clues to make it to your beach destination in time?

Step 2: Let HELM Life handle ...

Comms & Registration

We've got the invites, the blurbs, the share links, the calendar invites, the reminders & the registration page. Use as many of our resources as you like.

Emceeing & Hosting Duties

Our emcees are amazing, our tech support is trustworthy and our hosts are hilarious. Maybe this is one party that you can enjoy, too!

Team Scores and Pictures!

Everyone wants a team picture! While you chat about your fave puzzles, we'll tally the scores so that you can announce the results and hand out the team & group pictures.

Step 3: Connect with your team and have a few laughs!

How long do Virtual Escape Rooms Take?

The entire HELM Life Virtual Escape Room experience fits into a calendar hour and takes less than 60 minutes from start to finish. Teams have up to 45 minutes to finish the Escape Room itself with some time at the start and end to welcome people and to discuss the puzzles!

Do they happen on Zoom?

They do! A few days before the event you'll be sent a calendar invite or a Zoom link that will give you more details about where to meet! Head over to the Zoom link at the event start time and your emcee will meet you there! Escape Rooms are best experienced on desktops or laptops rather than mobile devices, since it's easier to see people and the puzzle screen as well as have a browser handy and ready to research!

How many people can play?

We can host up to 200 people per event, but we believe in breakout rooms! Once the emcee welcomes everyone to the event, we head to breakout rooms where games are played in groups of 6-8 participants because we're all about a social, fun, chatty puzzle-solving experience. Each breakout room is led by their own host - so we'll get you introduced and started if your team doesn't know each other.

How does booking work?

If you have access to this page, it likely means that your organization has an account with HELM Life and a budget to allow managers to book events. Submit a booking request on this page with some details about what you're looking for and we'll get back to you asap with a registration page to send to your team to get them to register, a calendar invite to save time in your calendar and a blurb to share to get people excited!

Can we have pre-arranged teams?

Yes! It will take some wrangling on your end to regiser people or upload a list of teams, but if your team knows how to re-name themselves on Zoom and people arrive on time, we can make it happen!

Can you help me with comms?

We definitely can! Once we confirm your booking we'll send you a blurb, a calendar invite and a link to pass along to get all of your invitees registered. It's all copy and paste and you won't have to write a thing.

Are the games interactive?

They are totally interactive. Within the Escape Room you'll all be working together - you'll be working on the same puzzles, on the same screen and you'll be able to see each others cursors as you play. We take into account all sorts of skill sets, and incorporate all sorts of puzzles into our Escape Rooms, including word puzzles, logic puzzles, speed puzzles, geography puzzles, googling-research puzzles, celebrity-gossip puzzles, math puzzles, jig saw puzzles, sound matching puzzles and more! There's a puzzle for everyone and everyone will have a chance to play to their strengths.

Will we know our time?

You absolutely will! Not only will you be racing against the clock to escape within 45 minutes, you can also race against the other groups. Whether or not you get out, you'll have fun discussing the challenges with the other teams and we'll announce the fastest time after the event. You'll also get team pictures and have a chance to be included on the Leaderboard for the Escape Room that you did - if your team is fast enough to place! You might event make it to your All Time Top Scores Page!

Will we have fun?

You will have fun.The most common post-event comment that we hear is - "I didn't expect a Virtual Escape Room to be that much fun". We've hosted groups of all size, from all across the US and Canada, as well as from India, Australia and Europe - and our Escape Room format is an excellent way for groups of people to hang out together. It's the best way to have asynchronous, casual conversation in a virtual setting that we've come across - and we've looked. Over 40% of teams who do a Virtual Escape Room with us book another one within 6 months - so that's saying something.


That was the best team building experiences that we as an office have had since COVID started.

Dominic A.

Hambly & Wooley

The event was great! Best team building and learning activity that we've done since Covid hit. I've heard excellent feedback from attendees. We look forward to the next learning event.

Anu R.


HELM Life has worked with lots of companies!