MicroLearning is FUN.

It’s a great way to learn together - play just one game or take the MicroLearning Series challenge!

What's a MicroLearning?

Sometimes you're looking to get people together to celebrate. But sometimes you'd like to run something a little more low-key - where people can play and learn on their own - that's what MicroLearning Challenges are for!

Recognize Juneteenth with us!

Juneteenth MicroLearning Series

Juneteenth History

Learn about the origins and the history of Juneteenth, and why it's so important that we recognize it each year. Learn about:

  1. Emancipation Proclamation
  2. Opal Lee
  3. How Juneteenth is Celebrated

Juneteenth MicroLearning

Food and Culture

Learn about the trail blazing chefs and food historians celebrating the history and culture of Juneteenth through food:

  1. Stephen Satterfield - High on the Hog
  2. Michael Twitty, Chef Carla Hall
  3. Adrian Miller and Toni Tipton-Martin

There's still time to Celebrate Pride!

Celebrating Pride Around the World

Join us to learn about how Pride is celebrated all around the globe! From San Francisco to Istanbul from Parades to Parties to Protests!

  • Play a 10-minute Word Search
  • Play on phone or computer
  • Includes Leaderboard!
  • $500 for unlimited participants

Activism and Advocacy in the Digital Age

Learn about the ACLU, the importance of the Pride flag, organizations to support and actions to take to be a true ally.

  • Play a 10-minute Word Search
  • Play on phone or computer
  • Includes Leaderboard!
  • $500 for unlimited participants
See the Content

Play a 3-week MicroLearning Series!

Share a link to the game with your teams and have them play a 3 week challenge including: Exploring Gender Expression

  • Play one game per week for 3 weeks
  • Pay on your phone or computer
  • Includes Landing Page and Leaderboard!
  • Pricing is $700
Meet with Us

Late Bloomer

A first-hand account of a jounrey of understanding asexuality, pansexuality, and trans/non-binary identity, and how sometimes second chances come exactly when they're meant to.

  • Play a 10-minute Word Search
  • Play on phone or computer
  • Includes Leaderboard!
  • $500 for unlimited participants

Being Out All Along

Read this story of growing up as a queer person in an extended, non-traditional woman-led family - and how coming out wasn't necessary for this family member to feel embraced by their loved ones.

  • Play a 10-minute Word Search
  • Play on phone or computer
  • Includes Leaderboard!
  • $500 for unlimited participants

Radical Self-Discovery

Follow this journey to embracing their non-binary identity from growing up in Turkiye to a courageous decision to leave it all behind and move overseas, to live a fulfilling life as their authentic self.

  • Play a 10-minute Word Search
  • Play on phone or computer
  • Includes Leaderboard!
  • $500 for unlimited participants

Want to know more about how easy a MicroLearning is to roll out? Watch this video!

HELM Life's MicroLearning Programming is easy to set up.

We've cracked the code to memorable, interesting and fun DEI Learning. Here's how to set it up:

Do the quick set up

Once you request an event, HELM Life Life provides a link to the game page and all of the content that you'll need to advertise the game. It even comes with a countdown clock until the event starts!

Sample Landing Page

Create some hype

Use HELM Life's pre-written share assets, images and blurbs to tell people about the event. These assets double as heritage month Internal Communications posts for Slack, Sharepoint and newsletters.

Sample Comms Assets

Play the Game!

MicroLearnings only take 10 minutes to play, include interesting and accessible content. The word search teaches new infomation and the quiz asks about what they just learned. There's also a Top Scores page!

Sample Top Scores

Here's why this works so well.

It's interesting and easily digestible content

The content bridges what participants already know, with a little bit more info.

Fill-in-the-blanks style word search learning bridges what participants already know, with a little bit more DEI learning. It's quick, easy, interesing and fun.

Try One

Gamification puts the focus on FUN while learning!

They're not too hard, they're fun to play and you're learning at the same time!

It' a 10-12 minute asynchronous time commitment, it's available on mobile and works well for people across departments!

Try a Different One

Competition brings out the fun

We support all the steps - it's an out of the box solution that just works! No integrations necessary

Use our countdown page
To tell people about the event

Play the Game with your team members
It's part learning and part fun!

Award the winners!
Use our top scores page or downloadable images to share the top 3 finishers. Everyone else gets acknowledged as a participant - so no one is worried about how they do!

List of MicroLearnings:

(We're always adding new programs)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do MicroLearning Events work?

MicroLearning Events are designed to be done in a wordle-type way - completed by all participants in a 24 hour period! The first part teaches, and the second tests your knowledge - resulting in a fun and competitive game for all. Some companies opt to include customized questions, some offer prizes and all enjoy this asynchronous way to bring out the competition.

How long do they take?

MicroLearnings are asynchronous - they take 10-12 minutes to finish! The entire competition runs for 24 hours, though - so people have to play in that time frame!

What's the lead time?

We can set up a microLearning Event, or a series of MicroLearning Events for you in 12 hours - and then you'll be good to go!

How many people can play?

MicroLearning Events can accommodate 2-2000 participants! They're a great way to learn together at scale.

How much does it cost?

We've unlocked microLearnings for this month - so you can book them individually! You can either run one microLearning for $500 or the 3-part series of microLearnings for $700! We've seen the most success when people run them at the same time each week - so each Thursday-Friday in a month for example.

Will you help us with comms and assets?

We will! Once you get set up you'll have blurbs and images to share to advertise the event, as well as countdown pages, top scores pages and a share image showing the top 3 participants. It's an entire program in a box.

What is the Top Scores page like?

The Top Scores page is fun! It shows the Top 3 participants and then all of the participants below. If participants did well, they'll be recognized. If they're still learning - it'll just show that they played!

What's the content like?

The content is accessible and related both to the theme of the month, as well as tying in related DEI topics. It's a great mix of interesting fact and important learning.