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Celebrate with a Virtual Escape Room Party!

Our fully-hosted events are a blast - we guarantee fun for everyone.

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HELM Life's Holiday Virtual Escape Rooms have been played by over 100,000 participants!

Our amazing team of hosts has welcomed over 100,000 guests from companies all around the world in our fun, inclusive virtual holiday party escape rooms.

Mystery at the Cabin
Mystery at the Cabin
Mystery at the Cabin
Mystery at the Cabin
Mystery at the Cabin
Mystery at the Cabin

Mystery at the Cabin Escape Room

A fun and memorable way to help your teams connect and close out the year

Our games are thoughtful, inclusive and fun - but it's really HELM Life's team of fantastic people that help make our events so special. We're great hosts and we know how to make sure that everyone has a fun time.

Step 1: Book a Virtual Escape Room that sounds fun to you!

Mystery at the Cabin

Mystery at the Cabin


A cozy cabin mystery up North! Fun at parties and a great way to celebrate the season while being holiday-agnostic.

Holidays Around the World

Holidays Around the World

Celebrate Everyone!

This multi-holiday game gives a nod to many celebrations. It was our most popular game last year and with an average review of 9.4/10!

Holiday Holdover

Holiday Hold Over!

Airport Chaos!

A last-minute text from your brother about a "great deal on a flight home" upends your holiday plans! Can you make it home to your family in time?!

Breather at the Beach

Breather at the Beach

Celebrate in the sun!

Wouldn't we all just like to take a step back and soak up some sunshine for a minute?! Warning - Virtual Escape Rooms are not that relaxing!

Gift-giving Debacle

Gift-Giving Debacle


You're rushing around a mall to get all of your gifts on time! A nod to Christmas and the holiday season with puzzles involving bells and ornaments.

Mystery at the Cabin

Star Light, Star Bright

A Nod to Many Holidays

After a recent move, you hit up the quirky local light store and learn about the story of light that binds holiday traditions around the world.

Step 2: We'll send you a registration page and branded promo images

Get Advertising ASAP with branded assets

We'll set you up with a registration page to share - where you can log in and manage attendance - and some great images to promote the event!
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Step 3: Our Amazing Emcees and Hosts will welcome your teams

We pride ourselves on being great hosts!

From the moment you enter the organizer pre-meeting to event goodbyes - your teams will be fully looked after, with a host for each breakout room.

Step 4: Check your Top Scores Page and see your Team Pics!

Photos of Each Team Make Events More Memorable!

If your team is competitive - they'll love our Top Scores Page, our All-Time-Top-Scores page and the pictures of each time that you'll get!

Here's the Run of Show!

With a HELM Life hosted event - we'll make sure things run smoothly, so that you can have fun too!

We’ve done virtual events before and this EASILY takes the cake.
It was SUPER fun. I want more!!!!!! I will spread the word about how awesome HELM is!!


The event was great! Everybody loved it!

Anu R.

That was the best team building experience that we as an office have had since COVID started.

Dominic A.

Looking for something a little bit more affordable this year?

You're not the only one. Here are some meeting-based and non-meeting-based ways to bring people together. They're quick to set up and you could run them tomorrow.

Winter Gratitude

Winter Gratitude

Coloring contest!

Everyone likes to color! Share a link, learn some things and get a chance to write a short note to express YOUR gratitude for your team members. Try one (minus the gratitude part) we ran for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

$400 for up to 1000 participants

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Christmas Music Around the World

World Christmas Tunes!

Celebrate and Learn!

Share a link and let people play-off against each other as they learn about the Christmas Music traditions around the world!! Try our other word-search-based game - Holidays Around the World - below!

$400 for up to 1000 participants

Try One

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Self-hosted Escape Room!

Fun, but some work for you!

Still want to gather, but just don't have the budget? If you're willing to put in the work to host it - we'll provide a how-to video and some game links and you can play away! No individual customer support provided. Feel free to join an infosession

$100/room - 6-10 ppl/room

See How it Works

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Whatever you plan to do - we hope that we can be part of it.

We love seeing teams gather, connect, have fun and reflect - and we love helping them to do that.

Things that people ask us:

Do you provide an emcee and hosts?

HELM Life Virtual Escape Room Events are fully-staffed - so whether you're playing Mystery at the Cabin or Holidays Around the World, HELM Life is the only Holiday Party company that provides a host for each group of players! We want to make sure that all of your guests have a great time - and our amazing team of hosts are an important part of creating a fun and inclusive vibe!

How long do Virtual Escape Rooms take?

The entire HELM Life Virtual Escape Room experience takes place on Zoom and fits into a calendar hour and takes less than 60 minutes from start to finish. Teams have up to 45 minutes to finish the Escape Room itself with some time at the start and end to welcome people and to discuss the puzzles! If you're adding a second stage to a holiday party (Illusionist, Gamerooms, Pet Parties), they can last from 90 minutes to 2 hours!

How many people can participate?

We host events of all sizes - from 8 participants to over 200! Once the emcee welcomes everyone to the event, we head to breakout rooms in groups of 6-8 participants because we're all about building our experiences around conversations. Each breakout room is led by their own host - so we'll get you introduced and started if your team doesn't know each other.

Can I try a Demo?

You absolutely can! Demos last about 20 mins and are best experienced with 3-4 other members of your team. You can schedule a demo here.

When do I have to book by?

If you've got a group of over 100, we really, really encourage you to get in touch with us sooner rather than later - December is already getting busy! Things work out better when you have more time to get the word out to your teams. That being said - we're pretty nimble and can accommodate most booking requests. If it's small group (less than 30) with a short lead time - that's easy. Send in a booking request and we'll get going!

Do you have events for holidays other than Christmas?

We do! We do a lot of work in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space and we've got activities for everyone. Mystery at the Cabin is winter-themed, Holidays Around the World has a nod to many celebrations, Gift-giving Debacle is Christmas-adjacent with holiday shopping at the mall and Breather at the Beach is winter-vacation themed!

How can a large event with so many people be interactive?

We've been doing this for a while and have a pretty good formula worked out! Our emcee welcomes everyone in a big group - which is a great chance for people to see each other and feel like part of a large organization! When we head to break-out rooms, that's your chance for some conversation and fun with a small group, where everyone gets a chance to play and talk. As teams finish, they trickle back into the main room, allowing for some conversation there. For 2-stage parties, people can join a second room for a chance to mix with a second group as well as heading to some Mix & Mingle rooms to chat. At the end, we say goodbye and usually hear that most people have really enjoyed themselves!

Can I join on a phone?

You can join on a mobile device, but we don't suggest it if you have another option. With a small screen, it's hard to play through the escape rooms and be able to chat on Zoom at the same time! If it's your only option - do it, but it's a better experience on a laptop or desktop.

Is there a way for managers to be able to book their own parties?

There is! Some companies opt to set up a Manager Booking Page like this one that allows individual managers to book Game Show or Virtual Escape Room Holiday Parties as it fits their schedule. Once they send a request, we can approve it within a few hours and send out all of the information that they need.

Can you help us to get the word out and manage registrations?

We definitely can! Once we confirm your booking we'll send you a blurb, a calendar invite and a link to pass along to get all of your invitees registered. It's all copy and paste and it makes getting the word out easy. If you'd like to manage the registrations yourself, on some other platform - that can work, too.